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Chinese Brush Paintings

Water Color Arts -  Wall Scrolls

真版 中國畫 原稿

orchid in cool summer drawings chinese paintings



eChineseArt offers traditional Chinese paintings, brush art works, wall scrolls, peony flowers, lotus, Koi ponds, love birds, bamboo, plum tree, pine trees, Mandarin ducks drawings, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and valleys, water color rice paper drawings mounted on fabric scrolls and original hand painted brush painting from China.  These beautiful original art works are done by famous water color masters in China.  An original one of a kind hand painted treasure is a great addition to your environment. 

Learn to Draw Chinese Paintings

Peony, Lotus Flowers, Bamboo, Birds Chinese Arts

Landscape Chinese Mountain Rivers Waterfalls Arts

Koi, Birds, Pandas & Animals Chinese Drawings

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chinese peonies peony painting

You are now being presented with a superb Chinese paintings collection displayed within this paintings gallery website. The  has spent most of the past decade searching for the most famous painting artists and their highest quality original traditional Chinese brush paintings.  These paintings are all one of the kind unique art works.







Figures Chinese Brush Art Works

Chinese Paintings on Silk Fabric

Hanging Chinese Wall Scrolls

Learn Drawing Chinese Water Colors

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CHINESE mountain brush hand painted from China chinese painting

Peony, Lotus Flowers, Bamboo & Birds Arts

Koi, Birds, Pandas & Animals Chinese Drawings

Figures Chinese Brush Art Works

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Paintings displayed in this gallery website are all originals and every one is hand painted by master artist.  No two are the same. Adding a touch of Asian Chinese arts to your home or office with a rich and vibrant Chinese painting is a deeply refreshing and rewarding experience.

All Chinese art works are therefore sold on a first come first served basis. If any painting is sold, you will see sold out sign when you try to put it in the shopping cart.

Landscape Mountain Rivers Waterfalls Arts


 Koi, Birds, Pandas & Animals Drawings

Chinese fabric or rice paper brush paintings are indeed a work of art.  There are infinite shades of grey in the black ink.   The stunning effect of water ink on Chinese paintings really sparkles our eyes.  Chinese brush art works can be done in hanging wall scrolls or framed paintings, with landscaping, peonies flowers, lotus,  Koi ponds, love birds, bamboos, pine trees, plums trees, Mandarin ducks, mountain waterfalls, rivers or valleys of Chinese towns.   If you want to learn how to draw Chinese paintings, we have some demonstrations by calligraphy masters from China at: Learn to Draw Chinese Paintings

 daffodil drawing CHINESE PAINTINGS     lady chinese PAINTINGS

裱於絲綢之 畫



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Deers Chinese water color paintings

TWO PANDAS chinese paintings

Chinese brush painting skills        chinese water coloring PAINTINGS

Usually Chinese water color paintings are done on rice paper first, then being mounted on fabric.   If they are wall scrolls, two wooden rods will be added to the two ends of the paintings.   If they are to be framed art work, the painting mounted on fabric can be framed in any art stores, such as Michael's. 

These original hand painted brush art works are originally from China, but will be shipped from the United States.  We ship to most countries via Air Mail in a timely fashion. 

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