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How to Order?

  Easy ways to order! Liberty House Company!

To order with credit card   
  • Best way! Please place order online from our website.  Order buttons are located at the end of each product's web pages.   Or you may
  • Fax order form below to: 1-877-203-4486; or
  • E-Mail:


To order with money order or check
  • If you do not have a printer, include  Product Name, Quantity, Amount and S&H on paper and add up order total for payment. 

  • If you have a printer, the order form below is easy to use.

  • Send it with payment to: Liberty House Company, at Gainesville, GA 30506.  Please email us for address details

How to figure out S&H?  Click HERE

Please write down the names and quantities of the items you want to order. 

Also provide us the information in the form below.

Georgia Residents only, add 7% sales tax +
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Grand Total  

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Your E-Mail Address: ____________________________________ offers Chinese traditional paintings, brush paintings, Chinese wall scroll, peony flowers, lotus, plums, love birds, bamboo, Koi pond, Mandarin ducks Chinese paintings, mountain waterfall, Chinese brush water color fabric paintings and original hand painted brush painting from China.