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Learn How to Draw Chinese Paintings

eChineseArt offers traditional Chinese paintings, brush art works, wall scrolls, peony flowers, lotus, Koi ponds, love birds, bamboo, plum tree, pine trees, Mandarin ducks drawings, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and valleys, water color rice paper drawings mounted on fabric scrolls and original hand painted brush painting from China.  These original art works are done by water color masters in China.

Two VCDs

Audio: Mandarin

Techniques of Chinese Flowers And Birds Painting


This is a basic introduction to Chinese flower-and-bird painting, displaying techniques of how to paint rocks, sparrows, reeds, and combinations of reeds and sparrows. "


1 第一章

2  第二章


Price: $19.95 for two VCDs

Qty. 2 VCDs

We offers one of the largest selection of original Chinese traditional paintings, brush paintings, Chinese wall scroll, peony flowers, lotus, plums, love birds, bamboo, Koi pond, Mandarin ducks Chinese paintings, mountain waterfall, Chinese brush water color fabric paintings and original hand painted brush drawings from China.  We ship to most countries via Air Mail in a timely fashion. 

If you want to learn how to draw Chinese paintings, we have some demonstrations by painting masters from China at: Learn to Draw Chinese Paintings

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